Today is the day. I’m finally writing my first blog post! I’ve only been saying I should write a blog for about two years now.

So here it is…my new baby, my new obsession, my new “job” and it will be focusing on being a single parent and doing it on a budget. However, I find myself generally getting off topic in all aspects of my life so there will be sidebar conversations slightly related to those topics. 

So whether you purposefully came to this site or stumbled upon it… welcome to The Squeaky Penny. The site got it’s name because I swear one set of my grandparents could pinch a penny so hard I could hear it squeaking from a mile away.  So in honor of them and their frugal ways I hope to share some usuful tips and amusing stories with you.

We’ll be exploring the challenges of being a single parent, raising children and especially hit on some frugal ways to get it done. We will share some recipes that are kid approved and budget-friendly. We will talk a little bit about finances and some ways to cut spending month to month. Since my degree is in education we will hit on some educational activities you can do at home with your kids of all ages. We’ll definitely talk about the challenges of being a single parent and all of the sticky facets involved with keeping it together as a mom and living life as a woman.  Ugh, dating…am I right? But most of all we will have fun and be able to interact with each other and share in some of the day-to-day struggles and humor found in life.

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