Ten Items I Buy in Bulk

I have four children and one of the ways we save money is to cook a lot of our meals from scratch but before that happens we buy some ingredients in bulk. Today I thought I’d share with you the items I always buy in bulk for the pantry.

1. Flour
We buy flour in 25lb bags and we store it in a large tote at the bottom of our pantry with a few other bulk items. We bake a lot and mix our own pancake mix in bulk so we have no problem using this much flour before it goes bad and we can either pick it up at Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart cheaply or since neither store is close have it delivered to the house for free! (Bonus money saving tip: order bulk items, paper products and toiletries online and stick to your list and then you don’t end up with extra items in your cart because you saw them in the store!)
2. Sugar
We also buy this in 25lb bags and it is stored with the flour. We just plop both bags into a large sealable tote. We consistently use sugar in baking so again we have no problem using this much.
3. Rice
A lot of our meals feature rice so it makes sense to buy this in 20lb bags and store it in an airtight container.
4. Pasta
We buy macaroni in 20lb bags and spaghetti in 5 lb bags. We also watch for the boxes of “fancy” pasta shapes to go on sale for around $0.78 a pound and then snap them up!
5. Cornmeal
We serve cornbread with soup quite a bit. Not to mention making cornbread and hotdog mini muffins and breading fried chicken with a little cornmeal. Its versatile and we use it a lot so we buy this in 10lb bags.
6. Cereal
My kids eat a LOT of cereal so it makes sense for me to purchase huge bags of malt-o-meal brand cereal. This is another item I have shipped to the house and at 45-65 ounces per bag it’s a good deal!
7. Oatmeal
We use oatmeal for breakfast, breakfast cookies, granola bars and desserts. We buy plain old fashioned oatmeal by the canister and buy instant oatmeal in huge boxes of 48 packets.
8. Popcorn
The kids love popping popcorn in our Whirly Pop and so we go through a lot of popcorn for snacks. We can buy this in 12+ pound bags and store it in reused huge coffee creamer containers.
9. Cocoa/brown sugar/powdered sugar
Because we bake a lot these are purchased 5lbs at a time.
10. Spices and herbs
Depending on where you are shopping you can get great deals on bags or jars of spices, dried onions and diced garlic. We buy most of our spices and herbs in bulk because we cook so much.
So there you have it! These are the items we purchase in bulk and how we store most of them. Are there items you purchase in bulk that you’d like to add to the list?

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